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Sell your business

Take care of your people

Preserve your legacy

Harbor Lake

Holding Company

About Us

What we do

Harbor Lake was founded by engineering and operations executive Derek Geiger to buy, operate, and grow your B2B service, manufacturing, or distribution  company.


We are the buyer of choice for regional business owners interested in retirement.

We provide the cash and lifestyle benefits of retirement while ensuring a smooth transition for customers and employees.


Why sell to HLHC?

Harbor Lake
Private Equity
What motivates my buyer?
Desire to operate a small business
Maximize returns by any means necessary
Reduce competition, force integration
What's in it for me?
Retire and take care of your people
Aggressive, seller-beware terms
Long and challenging integration
What happens to my legacy?
What happens to my employees?
Retain and reward, career growth
Uncertain, cost cuts likely
Eliminate duplicate roles
What kind of deal terms can I expect?
Fair and flexible, focused on growth
Rigid, buyer profit maximizing
Dense, buyer risk minimizing
Where does the money come from?
My own pocket + family office investors
Pension funds and other big money
Profit from competing divisions

Our priority is to grow your legacy by taking care of your people and your customers.  That's not true of all buyers.

What we're looking for

Team Icon.png

Dedicated, Passionate Team

Customer Service Icon.png

Outstanding Customer Service

Recurring Icon.png

Recurring Model, Repeat Customers

Revenue Growth Icon.png

Annual Revenue $10m-$50m

What you can expect

  • We pay fair market price, we're more interested in growing your business than buying at a discount

  • We're committed to retaining and rewarding your people

  • We're driven, capable operators who are in it for the long term

  • We're partners - before, during, and after the acquisition

What we value

  • People first

  • Excellent customer service

  • Integrity and trust

  • Transparency

  • Persistence, persistence, persistence...


Derek Geiger


Derek founded Harbor Lake Holding Company to find, buy, and operate a great business with great people. 



Prior to HLHC, Derek held executive positions in engineering, operations, and project management at leading military and consumer electronics companies.

He brings more than a decade of world-class problem solving, team leadership, operations management, and simply "getting it done" experience to this new venture. 

Derek holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Born in the Midwest, Derek has since lived in MI, NH, TX, MA, and South FL where he currently resides.  He seeks adventure, and is looking forward to the next chapter.

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